Amsa-Unhas 15th Anniversary

Friday, 22 September 2017 - Saturday, 23 September 2017

I am Syahla as the person who is responsible of AMSA Anniversary work program, i'd love to share about my experience. AMSA-Unhas15th Anniversary was celebrated on 22nd and 23th of September 2017. 

On the first day, we were holding mini game and photobooth! Throwing birdie origamis to a cloud. If it got stuck, the person would get a chance to receive various rewards! Delicious snacks that weren't available in Makliyah, we also took a lot of photos of AMSA members that got the time to come around! But not only that, for others, it was also available. It was quite publicly open~ so, many other people such as our lecturers, friends, and juniors also got a chance to join in. It was truly fun! So many memories to keep.

On the second day, we got to celebrate the main party! We held the party at New Makassar Seafood restaurant. It was started around 8pm. Many members gathered in separated tables and all of us were coming from different year. It was really fun! Our MCs, Ima and Pepping, were spicing up the party. There was also photobooth. It caused a bad, but actually good havoc!! Members were so hyped to get picures of them, so the photobooth didn't get enough rest! Even though some were so busy taking pictures, as i started a game, most of them participated! It was a quiz game about AMSA. Consisted of 10 questions and the winner was our beloved member, kak Wawa! It was really fun because the questions were funny and we were raging, so full in spirit to answer each question! 

After all the fun, we got to blow the candle and cut the cake! It was delicious vanilla flavored cake with cute blue frosting. Everyone gathered around the cake~ with AMSA song as the background music.

There was really tiring process behind all this fun, but with a great effort and unbreakable will, this will last as a very delightful memory, for us to keep, to learn, and to remind ourselves that nothing lasts forever. So does difficulty in life.